Sunday, May 3, 2015

Dear LadyLike: I don't have a tesseract, but I want your book for Mother's Day

Dear LadyLike,

I want to order a book for my mom for Mother's Day, but now the availability date says 5/22! And Mother's Day is 5/10! What should I do!

Dear Panicky Lady,

We can't speak for other books that won't be available until 5/22, but if you're interested in pre-ordering LadyLike for a lady in your life, have we got a deal for you! Your humble LadyLike authors will be glad to send that lady an official postcard letting her know you have pre-ordered the book for her and thanking her for being a great mom, grandma, wife, friend, sister, daughter, or female. There is no charge for this service! If you'd like a LadyLike postcard to arrive at your favored lady's mailbox this week announcing your gift, please email us your name and her mailing address: ladylikings at gmail dot com.

One less thing!