Wednesday, April 27, 2016

It's almost summer and folks need books.

Dear LadyLike,

What should I be reading right now?


Bored Lady

Dear Bored Lady,

We thought you'd never ask!

First, the ones I haven't gotten to read yet:

The Messengers: Discovered (I love dystopias. Oh, you too? Here's another.) Lisa Clark has awesome taste in sweaters and I love the premise. CAN'T WAIT.

Blessed I could tell you how smart the involved parties are, but there's
a whole book for that. I'd rather let you know that I am thankful to be able to personally testify that both Dr. Chris Mitchell and Mrs. Mary Moerbe are real actual Christians.

Celebrating the Saints I struggle some with the saints, and on the other hand I really like them. I can think of no one I trust more to navigate this catholic strait than Pastor Weedon.

It's almost like CPH is on a roll or something.

OK, second: books I've almost read.

Without Precedent: Scripture, Tradition, and the Ordination of Women I'm partway through and absolutely neglecting secondary duties to get it done. I feel that I can say that not only do I want you to read this book, so does Rowan Williams.

The Phoenix and the Carpet With the children you know and love, start with Five Children and It, and proceed through the Psammead Trilogy. Edith Nesbit, interestingly, was a semi-radical progressive of her time. Somehow her books are an astonishingly perfect nexus of intelligence and basic decency. Almost like we don't get some stuff about how folks used to think!

Clarissa Ever been mad that there's no such thing as a man-slut? There was until Feminism©® . (They used to be called libertines or rakes. Huh, antinomian is a euphemism for libertine now.)

Finally, stuff I can vouch for front to back.

Moby Dick. I was so scared to read this book, but I told myself I should just try it and it was like the best or something. I know not everyone feels this way, and I try to keep my problem under control, but you should really at least try Moby Dick.

Mothering Many For whoever might be trying to mother many in your life, as Mother's Day approaches. I sincerely hope they're Christian.  :D

The Choir Immortal Here we are at the end of this post, and CPH has still Got It! I'll be honest, this installment of the Bradbury series was a hard read, and a harder recollection. In my mind, that's the whole beauty of being Lutheran. We don't have to kill it at life, we just have to live it. We don't have to smile at funerals or live happily ever after. THANK GOD. And I do.

(I was recently reminded that this blog exists. I'll try to do better.)