Friday, April 17, 2015

Dear LadyLike: Mother's Day

Dear LadyLike,

I always end up hating mother's day. It's just a bunch of work for the mom to make it happen for all the other moms in the family. How bad am I?


Dear Lady with a bad 'tude, 

We're not sure what your life sitch looks like, but hear, hear: 
Your mother raised you. Your grandmothers raised your parents. Your mother-in-law raised your husband. Your daughter(s) and/or the in-law form of them raise your grandchild(ren). 

It's not all about you, see? Write some nice notes for the ladies in your life, send them a DQ gift card, or call them up and tell them they're a big deal. More of them, less of you. That's our advice.

Happy Mother's Day!