Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What's the deal with this book anyway?

LadyLike is a collection of essays about things human females of the Christian persuasion might find interesting or germane.

There are a few reasons we did it this way. First, both Rosie and I like several books that fall into this category. We think it's a good way to get a lot of angles on a few central ideas. Second, neither of us have the intellectual wherewithal to construct some massive infrastructure of rhetorical supports around a skyscraping concept. (We barely even understand that there sentence.) Third, neither of us really have time to read a book like that, and we figure everybody is basically like us.

So we wrote essays, and strung them all together like Froot Loops on yarn at the preschool Christmas party, and we hope people will have time to sit down with the book now or then and gnaw on some of the zany notions we tried to serve up in manageable portions. LadyLike is not a devotional. It is written more for the Christian mind than the Christian spirit, but what's a spirit that can't think? Or a mind whose work is not ultimately spiritual?

Also Rosie wrote a lot of funny stuff.