Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ladies of a certain age

I have some kids, and I am helicopterish about what they read.  My 12 year old daughter doesn't need to read LadyLike for a few years. The book covers some topics falling under the sixth commandment that include more information than she would benefit from having right now. I still have a lot to learn as a parent, since the aforementioned child is also our oldest and therefore our grand experiment in adolescence and everything that follows (don't worry, I am ignorantly clinging to a lot of ignorant convictions and pre-decisions), but my view from here is that LadyLike is for ladies in their later teens and older. The younger end of the book's intended audience is women of a marriageable or pretty close to marriageable age (I am also OK with people getting married young).

Not just yet, little yeller.
One of my goals as a writer of this book was to state plainly a lot of things it was hard to find anyone stating plainly besides my own parents back when I was beginning to make my way in the world. My parents did a bang-up job, but it certainly wouldn't have hurt their case for any of the values they knew it was their duty to help me understand if someone else had been there saying the same things. Sadly, there kind of wasn't. So, for example, LadyLike includes an essay on virginity that I hope would be helpful to a young lady considering her options in life (there is also one on celibacy, since virginity and celibacy are the same only different, as my beloved father would say).

If you're considering LadyLike for your daughter/granddaughter/goddaughter/niece/other young lady, that's my assessment. If you have questions, please feel free to ask via the comments here, Facebook, or email (ladylikings at gmail dot com).